Digital Marketing Services

We use ground-breaking digital marketing strategies to blast your campaign into another level of engagement. Our customized digital media marketing strategies are designed to engage with your existing and potential customers.

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What UpSocially Does

Our team will analyze your brand's digital presence to determine small changes which will cause large influxes in prospective clients, conversions, and brand awareness.

Social Media Management


Our team will focus your brands' message across all major social media platforms to a targeted, refined audience.

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Retargeting Strategy


We analyze campaign data to maxmize our clients' marketing strategy. This comprehensive approach guarantees continually optimized ROI.

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Social Media Marketing


Stand out from the crowd with quality, keyword-focused content to increase traffic and engagement on your social platforms.

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Email Marketing


Keep the momentum from your social platforms going with strategic email content designed to entice recipients to visit your site and redeem offers.

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Media Buying


We create targeted ads and connect your business to relevant advertising spots that will reach your brand's desired audience.

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Google AdWords


Let us increase your brand's visibility  with the best keywords for your industry through Google's in-depth and extensive keyword database.

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Meet The UpSocially App

Easily sort through sample content which is tailored to your favorite RSS Feeds. Choose, Schedule, and automate your Digital Marketing experience.

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Multi-RSS Feed

Choose your favorite content sources and convert them into RSS feeds. Push all RSS content through one easy to read feed on the app!

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Easily Schedule Posts

Browse through the content on your feed and easily schedule a post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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Sort Through Content

Sort through your content by keyword, time, popularity, and many other factors which may be important to your posting preferences.

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SMM Automation!

Schedule weeks of quality content from your phone in a matter of minutes! Automate your Social Media campaigns effortlessly!

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Monthly Pricing Plans

We provide steep discounts for clients that are with us for a year or more!

For full details, see below

Social Media Management
per month
  • Day-to-Day Posting
  • Branded Graphic Design
  • Preffered Page Audience Optimization
  • Tab Management
  • Advanced Metrics Reporting
Retargeting Strategy
per set-up
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Audience Refinement
  • Mass-Integration of Your
    Brands' Digital Presence
  • Up 3 Social Media Accounts
  • Continuous Optimization
Social Media Marketing
per month (+Ad Spend)
  • Pre-Campaign ROI Estimation
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Up to 3 Social Media Accounts and/or Platforms
  • 1 Premium Ad Curated
  • Advanced Metrics Reporting
Email Marketing
starting price, (+Ad Spend)
  • Content Curation and Formatting
  • Segmented Audience Messaging
  • 1 Account per Client
  • Strategic Retargeting
  • Advanced Metrics Reporting
Media Buying
per set-up
  • Unlimited Campaign Purchases
  • $25 per Graphic
  • 1000's of Blog Connections
  • Strategic Retargeting Component
  • Advanced Metrics Reporting
Google Ad Words
per campaign
  • Free Setup
  • Pay per Click
  • Up to 100 Keywords per Month
  • Increased Prospective Client Reach
  • Google Metrics Reporting

Check out our bundles below for discounted rates!

Package 1
starting price, (+Ad Spend)
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • 1 Free Media Buying Setup
  • $1,250 VALUE
Package 2
starting price
  • Everything in Package 1
  • Retargeting Strategy
  • 2 Free Graphics
  • $2,000 VALUE
Package 3
per month
  • Everything in Package 2
  • Email Marketing
  • Up to 5 Media Buying Campaigns
  • $3,850 VALUE
Use our game-changing marketing strategies to guarantee a massive growth to your Social Media Numbers, Fans, Views, and Engagement. In other words, we have the viral button!  Click the button below to make your campaigns and promotions take off.
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